Frontend Developer Love 2020

Frontend Developer Love Conference is 3 Full Days of Talks from 35+ Global Javascript Leaders from around the world  Join fellow Javascript Frontend Developers traveling in from over 50 Countries around the world for the Largest Javascript Conference in Europe. We will host over 3,000 People flying in from 50+ Countries around the World during […]

Pimp my: Thesis Production

Finishing your PhD soon? But struggling with the when's, the how's, and the what's? Come to the "Pimp my: Thesis Production" workshop .We invited Ben from proefschriftmaken to answer all the questions you might have regarding your thesis (and its production): when to start, how to design it, what to pay attention to and how […]

Tegenlicht Meet Up 040 De grote Dataroof

Openbare bibliotheek Eindhoven Emmasingel 22, Eindhoven

De grote Dataroof. Hoe krijgen we de zeggenschap terug over onze data?Harvard-hoogleraar Shoshana Zuboff luidt de noodklok: ze schreef een monumentaal boek over hoe de grootste techbedrijven met onze data omgaan, 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'. Hoe krijgen we de zeggenschap terug over onze data? Ze vertelt het in de uitzending 'De grote dataroof'.In deze […]